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Who has Nana's Recipes?
I do and so can you

Nanas Recipes, Italian Recipe Cookbook
I was fortunate enough to discover a wonderful and talented New Hampshire woman, Regina Sibilia Sullivan that actually wrote down her grandmothers (Nana) recipes as a child. A fabulous collection of Southern Italian recipes that survived where so many did not. I am sure, as with many Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers and also mothers, many recipes are lost due to "a smidgen here" and a "dash of this". Regina took the time to write down recipes as she was assisting her Italian born grandmother as a young girl, and has now published these incredible recipes in a cookbook entitled "Who has Nana's Recipes".

This New Hampshire woman has included such items as Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Peppers, Zeppole with Raisin & Vino Cotto (raisin syrup), Bracciola, Pasta e Fagioli and many many more traditional items like Baked Ziti. The photos that accompany and enhance this cookbook are delightful.

Regina explains many of these dishes are created with pure olive oil and tomatoes in lieu of creams and meats, as the people of Southern Italy were less affluent and had less access to dairy products and beef.

The book even includes a traditional Italian Christmas Song. As a self taught preparer of Italian food, (I live with an Italian) it is sometimes difficult to find the "old way" of making certain dishes. This book has help me with creating a shine is his eye and a few words like..."This is just like my Grandmothers". WOW!

Regina also shares memories of her youth and of her family. Photo's that take you back to 1919. This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the kitchen. The old will appreciate it and the young will learn. I recommend this as a no fuss, everyday comfort food cookbook. Visit her web site at to purchase the book online.

~ Lynn B for New England

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